In many countries, circumcision remains a ceremonial tradition that follows each generation. Particularly popular in Jewish and Islamic religions, circumcision Adelaide procedure is considered an elective procedure in the United States, whereas some other nations consider it obligatory for every newborn boy. Let us have a closer look at how exactly this procedure is performed and the type of care needed afterward.

How is circumcision being performed?

Circumcision is normally performed by an experienced circumcision doctor when the reason is medical. However, when it is done for religious purposes, other people of each tribe may perform the whole procedure as part of a specifically held ceremony. Since the whole process can be quite painful, some type of local anesthesia is used. For example, a numbing cream or injection of anesthetic around the area of the penis are typical options. The most commonly used method of circumcision includes the use of a clamp device positioned on the baby’s genital region and left there for a few minutes. After that time, the foreskin can easily get cut and removed from the baby.

baby crying circumcisionHow to prepare your baby for the circumcision procedure?

Most healthy babies can usually be circumcised 1-2 days after birth. In case of a medical condition, the actual time may vary depending on your doctors’ advice. Before you let your doctor perform this process, it is vital that you have a thorough talk with him concerning the whole procedure, possible health risks, as well as for instructions on taking care of your baby afterward. When you feel sure and ready to go on with your decision, you will be asked to sign a consent form. Your circumcision doctor will also, ask you some general info about your family history, including serious diseases or bleeding disorders.

What care should the doctor provide afterward?

A circumcision doctor will normally be the one responsible for providing the newborn with all the necessary care after the procedure is over. The most common complications of circumcisions are bleeding and a small infection. Your doctor will give you some clear instructions concerning those complications and how you can make your baby feel comfortable. An antibiotic cream or a gauze dressing may be applied on the wound for the first hours and you will normally have to keep the penis clean with water and some mild soap for at least one week after the procedure.

In some cases, petroleum ointment will be applied on the baby before a gauze is put on the wound to avoid letting the blood stick to his diaper. When you bathe the baby after the whole procedure, you should be gentle with him and avoid using special bath products. Warm water is just enough in most cases. It is also, important to remember that in terms of the whole healing process, your baby will normally need at least a week and in some cases, even longer to feel totally comfortable again.

Lots of babies have undergone a circumcision Adelaide procedure and the procedure is still acceptable in various parts of the world. Following the instructions of a men’s health clinic perth and caring for your baby for as long as it takes to heal properly are the only ways that can help parents avoid any unnecessary complaints or even health issues associated with circumcision.